Friday, August 19, 2011

High Tea at Cornwall Park

I have known Debbie for years and years. I first met her through her husband whom I knew through work. And although I am no longer in that line of work any more, we remain very, very good friends (she is also one of those in my not-so-secret serviette lover society:)

I treated Debbie high tea at Cornwall Park for her Birthday the other day. It was the first day this week that was nice and sunny but it was still pretty cold (we have snow in Auckland for the first time in 70+ years as a result of the Polar Blast).

The three-tier cake stand was quite dainty and the contents were yummy. We both had breakfast tea to go with these. All these little morsels were for two people and as much as we loved to devour them all we had to concede defeat not even half way through the top tier (we started from the bottom tier upward).

The weather was nice and crisp at 10 degrees C. It was not too bad cold and sunny – much, much better than cold and wet that we have endured quite a lot this winter.

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